About Tohoku Rokkon Festival (Tohoku Six-Soul Festival)

As many as 4 years have been passing since Great East Japan earthquake.

I clearly come to feel that Tohoku Rokkonsai is becoming established as one of the greatest annual events wishing for the restoration of Tohoku as the years go by, since the first time held in Sendai city, thru, Morioka city, Fukushima city, and Yamagata city.

In Akita prefecture, there are still a lot of people who are forced to live away from their hometown. In view of the situation, I strongly realize that we should not let the problems caused by the disaster fade away.

We are half way down the road to recovery from the disaster. Holding Rokkonsai continuously has the significance to pass on the lessons of the disaster to the next generation, and to deepen the bonds among the people in Tohoku.

In 2015, the setting of Tohoku Rokkonsai is laid in Akita city.

There, we would like to express our feelings towards a quicker recovery strongly: “Our hearts are united. Move further ahead.”

n the event held in Akita, we are going to light the paper lanterns set at Kantō, or streetlights, for the first time in Rokkonsai. Having a beautiful sunset sinking in the noble Sea of Japan in the background, the rising illumination like the ears of rice filling the site will light up the future of Tohoku.

The souls of 6 festivals wishing for the restoration of Tohoku gather in Akita to send out the brightness of Tohoku to Japan and also to the world, and unite the hearts of the visitors, as well as the local people – if it comes true, it will be above everything else.

Please come and join the Tohoku Rokkonsai held in Akita city in the spring 2015.

Motomu Hozumi
Mayor of Akita city
President of the Executive Committee of Tohoku Rokkonsai

Tohoku Rokkon Festival Map of Venues

map *Please note that any lavatory located in a facility/building can be used during business hours only.