About Tohoku Rokkon Festival (Tohoku Six-Soul Festival)

The Tohoku Rokkonsai (Six-Soul Fesitval) has been held in Sendai initially in 2011, then in Morioka and Fukushima cities. It has left its footprints in these places thanks to your supports and cooperation.

In 2014, Tohoku Rokkonsai Festival will be held in Yamagata City.

There in Yamagata City, many of those who took refuge from the pacific coast are still living. And due to the long lasting influence of the earthquake, the city still has not fully recovered. We believe that, without a recovery of entire Tohoku, there never will be a real recovery to come.

When the six representing festivals of Tohoku prefectures that enwomb peoples’ hopes for the newborn Tohoku of tomorrow converge in Yamagata, and bloom like ‘hanagasa’ (flower-like colorful umbrellas), encouraging people of Tohoku, nothing else can be better.

Please look forward to Tohoku Rokkonsai Restival held in Yamagata at the early summer 2014.

The Tohoku Rokkonsai Executive Committee
January 30, 2014

Tohoku Rokkon Festival Map of Venues

* The time of the parade may change.